LWML Districts Celebrate 75 Years

You are sure to enjoy using the new low resolution 75th web banners that have been designed and are now ready to download for use in your church and district website or publication.

As you plan for celebrating your society and district anniversary, check out some of these great easy to use resources:

  • Use the easy to make 75th ornament at special LWML events in your society or zone.
image of completed ornament

Color ornament

Instructions for B/W ornament

  • The 75th logo looks great in any publication to draw attention to the 75th anniversary in your society, zone, and district. Perhaps you might like to add it to a letter or email, print and attach to a napkin ring, or on small squares and use the along with the 75th ornament to a centerpiece decoration.

Logo jpg (RGB)

Printable 10"x10" Logo

  • Have you done a 75th photo booth yet? Create a backdrop, or just use a large frame, get out your phone and grab some great photos. Check out the speech bubbles that you may download, print, and use to help create one of a kind photos to post on your church or district website, Facebook page, and publications.

Speech bubbles for photo booths


Special LWML Thank Offering to Celebrate LWML 75th Anniversary

The LWML 75th Anniversary Thank Offering that was gathered at the 2017 Albuquerque Convention will support the Endowment. Districts are encouraged to continue this special offering at their 2018 conventions.

Donations may be given online at or mailed to the LWML office at 801 Seminary Place, Ste L010 St Louis MO 63105. Please note the donation as LWML 75th Anniversary Thank Offering.

Continued support for the LWML Endowment is necessary to provide a legacy for the future.

Donate Now

Then and Now — Your Thoughts

Since you’ve become active in the LWML, what growth have you seen? What will be the look of the LWML in the year 2030? In 2050?

Post your insights and dreams online here.

Don't have Facebook? Call or email the LWML office with your insights.


Then and Now

The Lutheran Woman's Quarterly 
originally published in the Spring 2016 LWQ

LWML groups and women 
originally published in the Summer 2016 LWQ

Mission Grants — the first LWML Mission Grant  originally published in the Fall 2016 LWQ

Leader Training originally published in the Winter 2016 LWQ

Conventions originally published in the Spring 2017 LWQ

Children's Ministry Grants originally published in the Summer 2017 LWQ

A Timeline Celebrating the Mite Box originally published in the Fall 2017 LWQ

A Timeline Celebrating the Lutheran Woman's Quarterly originally published in the Fall 2017 LWQ

LWML Districts originally published in the Winter 2017 LWQ


75th Anniversary Committee
Top row, left to right: Kay Kreklau, Carolyn Blum, Gloria Edwards, Edie Norris, Virginia Von Seggern, Janice Wendorf, Caroline Honeycutt.
Bottom row, left to right: Linda Reiser, Betty Duda, Patti Ross, Ida Mall, Kristy Carter, Rev. Robert Mundahl.



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