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Mission Grant Prayer Cards

Mission Grants Prayer Cards

Get Free Downloadable “Mug Rugs”

mug rug

“Mug Rugs” were used at the Cup with Kay – It’s about Prayer exhibit at the Pittsburgh Convention June 27-30, 2013. Now you can download these “Mug Rugs” for your own event! Choose from two sizes. Read more about this and download these documents free.

Invitation for a Cup and a Prayer

Download this invitation and ask someone to share a cup of coffee and a prayer with you today. This clever card allows you to insert a tea or coffee packet (once you’ve cut slits in the paper) making the invitation an instant party!

Invitation (black and white) (PDF, 192.6KB)
Invitation (color) (PDF, 288.5KB)

Easter Ornaments

Easter Ornament Easter Ornament Easter Ornament

He Is Risen Ornament (PDF, 1.6MB)

Spring Flowers Ornament (PDF, 482KB)

Spring Ornament (PDF, 268KB)

Advent Chain

Advent Charin


Advent Chain - instructions (4 pgs) (PDF, 246KB)


Christmas Ornaments

LWML OrnamentLWML OrnamentLWML OrnamentLWML Ornament

LWML Christmas Flowers - ornament and instructions (2 pgs), (PDF, 491KB)

LWML Polka Dot - ornament and instructions (2 pgs), (PDF, 273KB)

Prince of Peace - ornament and instructions (2 pgs), (PDF, 431KB)

LWML Logo - ornament and instructions (2pgs), (PDF, 264KB)

Instructional Video