Resources to Help Engage Young Women

  • YWR Application (also available as a Word doc)
    • Updated YWR application to be used for the 2019 Convention in Mobile, Alabama.
    • Applications should be sent to the district YWR committee or district president by March 1st of odd-numbered years
  • YWR Selection Guidelines
    • Updated guidelines for selecting YWRs to represent their district at the national convention as well as the expectations of a YWR during and after convention. Please read thoroughly as new guidelines have been added.
  • Supporting Your YWR Before, During, and After Convention
    • A guide to support your YWRs before, during, and after her experience at convention. A prayer for each time period is included.
  • 10 Things I Wish My Group President Knew
    • Do you wonder what a young woman is thinking as she is involved in the LWML? Here are 10 things to help you understand the young women in your LWML a little better.
  • Getting More Young Women Involved
    • Not sure how to connect with a younger woman in your church? Check this resource out to get some ideas.
  • Meeting Ideas (other than business meetings)
    • Looking to change things up with your group? Try one of these fun, new ideas!
  • Ideas for Increasing Awareness of LWML
    • Do you want others to know about the LWML? Here are a few ideas to help your group engage a variety of ages.


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