Focus Lost ... Focus Restored Bible Study

The Time is NOW initiative encourages all to re-focus on the basics of LWML: Word, Missions, Service, and Fellowship. This resource is available on the LWML website for use by all districts in promoting The Time is NOW initiative, as well as for personal and/or group spiritual growth.

This Bible study authored by Rev. John Heckmann entitled, Focus Lost … Focus Restored, deals with 14 biblical personalities and examples of times when they lost their focus and when their focus was restored by God. Each biblical personality could be studied in 30 to 45 minutes with discussion included. The study could be used as an ongoing lunchtime study or one or two sections as part of an LWML meeting. Each biblical personality could be studied by an individual who might desire to do one personality a day. Its uses are varied and can be easily adapted to fit the needs of an individual or group.

Focus Lost ... Focus Restored


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