Heart to Heart Sisters

 The purpose of the Heart to Heart Sisters Committee is to:

  • Motivate, equip, and ensure opportunities for multicultural women to serve the church, participate in LWML, witness to the world, and grow in relationships as sisters in Christ.
  • Produce and facilitate the H2H program for the LWML convention.

The LWML recognizes there are gifted multicultural women serving with joy and passion in many multicultural ministries throughout The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Because of the nature of multicultural ministry, many of these women leaders are unfamiliar with the culture of the LCMS and LWML.

We are committed to assisting LWML Districts in establishing Heart to Heart Sisters programs so multicultural women may mutually encourage one another, support each other, and work together, living out the beautiful diversity that is the body of Christ.

— Heart to Heart Sisters Committee

Embracing Diversity

 "...Yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14).
Meet visionary LWML women through the retelling of their leadership by faith in developing a LCMS women’s organization to serve all of God’s people.


Why Do We Embrace Diversity?

"Diversity requires us to move out of our comfort zone. Some of us may feel threatened or fearful because we are accustomed to a certain way of doing things." Use this audio-enhanced PowerPoint to strengthen relationships and build trust with other cultures and ethnic people.


History of the Heart to Heart Sisters Program

"Oneness in Christ is strengthened through intentionally teaming with our LCMS sisters of varied ethnic, cultural, generational and organizational backgrounds." (Assembly of Leaders, 2008)
Historical first persons’ account about the development of the Heart to Heart Training Program.


Frequently Asked Questions About Heart to Heart SistersFAQ

Here, you will find answers to your questions about encouraging ethnic women in your personal circles; how to form relationships with them and invite them to engage in and serve through the LWML organization.


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