"I Am The Heart Of LWML" Campaign

I am the Heart of LWML


In Fall 2020, President Debbie formed a task force to develop a campaign that would allow every woman of the LCMS to realize she is an intricate part of this organization. The task force members took President Debbie’s “We are HIS” concept and logo, emphasizing the heart in the design for this campaign.


We are the Heart of the LWML because we are HIS:

  • Held by His Word;
  • Inspired to share His Gospel;
  • Surrounded by His grace.

A primary focus of the campaign is that each woman of the LCMS is the Heart of LWML. Christ is in the heart of each woman as she engages in mission education, mission inspiration, mission service, and mission support. Each woman of the LCMS is invited to embrace her role as a Lutheran Woman in Mission.

Below is a PowerPoint presentation that outlines why Lutheran Women in Mission are the Heart of LWML.

"I Am The Heart Of LWML" PowerPoint Presentation

"I Am The Heart Of LWML" printable notes with script 


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