Dear Lucy Leader … Attending LWML Events

Dear Lucy Leader,

I’d like to attend LWML events. Where do I start?

Need A. Group Norma

Dear Need A. Group Norma,

Attending LWML events is certain to be a blessing for you. Begin by asking your pastor if there is an LWML group in your church. If there is, your pastor can give you contact information for the leader of that group. If there is no group in your church, you might prayerfully consider starting your own group or becoming an individual member. You can find information about starting a group or becoming an individual member at

There are events at the zone and district levels. You can learn about these events on your district’s website. You can volunteer in your zone, district, or even on the national level. Learn more about that at

You can attend an LWML district convention in the even-numbered years. Women from all over the United States — and the world — attend a national LWML convention in the odd-numbered years. You can find out about the next one at

Attending LWML events will help you draw closer to the Lord and encourage and equip you to use your God-given talents in sharing God’s love. You’ll be provided with opportunities for service within your congregation and for outreach to the community and the world. May God bless your LWML walk!

Lucy Leader

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God's Blessings,
Lois Teinert, Chairman
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