Dear Lucy Leader … Can we form a second group at our church?

Dear Lucy Leader,

I am a young woman and my friends and I are interested in missions and would love to be a part of LWML. Currently the LWML group at our church meets during the day, and we work outside the home, so we can’t attend these meetings. Is it possible for us to form our own group?


Dear Diana,

I am so excited that you and your friends are interested in missions and would like to be a part of LWML. The answer is yes! You most certainly can form your own group. LWML has clear steps that will enable you to start a new LWML group. You can find those steps and the resources that you need on the LWML website: How to Start a New Group. Remember that the local group should always follow the polity of their local congregation when forming a new group.

It would be good for you to share your enthusiasm and your plans with the current group at your church. At some point, the two groups may be able to plan some joint activities.

May God bless you and your friends as you become involved in serving the Lord with gladness through the LWML!

Lucy Leader

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God's Blessings,
Lois Teinert, Chairman
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