Dear Lucy Leader … Are Officers Needed?

Dear Lucy Leader,

Does a women’s church group need officers to be classified as an active LWML group in their district?

Leaderless in New Jersey

Dear Leaderless in New Jersey,

You ask a good question. The answer to your question depends upon the needs of the women involved. The very minimum requirement is to have a contact person that can keep the information flowing between the local group and the zone, and thus between the local group and the district. This person’s responsibilities include keeping members informed of, and encouraging participation in, LWML activities and submitting mite offerings to the designated LWML district financial officer. Larger groups generally have a chairman, a secretary, and a treasurer who have specific assigned duties. Some groups may decide to work with coordinators instead of officers.

LWML groups may be structured in different ways. To learn more about LWML structure, go to To learn about specific officer guidelines, go to

The important thing is to keep Christ as your leader. May Christ bless you and your work!

Lucy Leader


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