Dear Lucy Leader … Getting Involved Without Overscheduling

Dear Lucy, 

My name is Caitlin and I am a Young Woman Representative from the Northern Illinois District. I could use some advice on the new role that I have been given. I want to find ways to become more involved with my district and church. I always have new ideas and feel the call to become more involved. However, I have a very hectic schedule outside of the church and am often very busy. How can I stay active within the community AND not become so overwhelmed or overscheduled? 


Dear Caitlin,

I thank God for you! It is wonderful that you want to become more involved in your district and church.

Finding time to do everything one wants to do is a challenge many women face. LWML has a resource that will help you manage yourself — not your time. Hopefully, you will be able to find the time to look at the resource found at

Another resource that takes a little less time to read is This resource will give you some tips to help you manage the time God has given to you.

Be sure to take the time to go to God in prayer. Be willing to follow His direction. He will bless you and your time!

Serving Him,
Lucy Leader


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