Dear Lucy Leader … Delegating While Mentoring

Dear Lucy Leader,

I think I need to learn to delegate. How do I delegate to a volunteer and mentor her at the same time? 

Challenged Mentor

Dear Challenged Mentor,

First, let me thank you for wanting to be a mentor. Mentoring does not mean, “What can I teach you?” Instead, it means, “How can I help you?” Being a mentor does not mean you need to be perfect or have all the answers. Remember, there is forgiveness even in mentoring. 

It is good that you recognize you cannot do everything by yourself. Delegating will help your group accomplish more and will give someone else the opportunity to serve. She will learn new skills, find a sense of purpose, connect with others in her community, and find enjoyment in her ability and calling, empowered by the Holy Spirit as she serves. 

When you delegate, ask your mentee to serve in a position she enjoys. Help her develop her gifts when she is placed in that position. Ask for her input in planning and decision-making. Observe how much work she can do. Some may work better with short-term assignments rather than with long-term goals. Know her capabilities. Let her be who God made her to be.

LWML has resources to support you in your walk as a mentor. “Volunteers in Christ’s Ministry” has many helpful suggestions. You can also find a wealth of information at

By the Holy Spirit’s power, we become mentors as we witness His love to others — the message of the Gospel is shared through the life of the believer. As children of God, we are truly blessed to serve, mentoring others by living our lives in Christ, led by the Spirit.

Lucy Leader

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