Dear Lucy Leader … Staying Involved During a Pandemic

Dear Lucy Leader,

How can I stay involved in LWML during this pandemic?  

Isolated Izzy

Dear Isolated Izzy,

The first and foremost thing you can do is pray. Prayer is a very important part of the life of the LWML. Pray for the women in your local group and your zone and district leaders. It is very important to pray for our LWML grant recipients. You can find this list and a little about each grant at You can find the list of your district grants on your district website. Remember to support those grants financially by prayerfully continuing mite contributions as you are able.

Prayer is vital and praying individually is a good thing. Praying with other people is another blessing. Consider asking your church’s group to pray with you at 3:16 every day. This time keeps us focused on John 3:16 which is fundamental to our faith. Sharing prayer requests with each other encourages bonding among us. 

Study the Bible with your LWML group. Hold each other accountable. Have phone conversations or video conferences about what you are studying. Find free downloadable LWML Bible studies at Read the Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly together. 

You can find ideas for activities you can do while you are at home at This link provides guidelines and directions for making masks, marking Bibles for prisons, and other ideas.

Stay connected with LWML women all over the country on LWML’s Facebook page Lutheran Women in Mission -- LWML. I am very excited to tell you that Donna Snow is leading a Facebook Live Bible study on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. Central Daylight Time through June 2, 2020. Donna has the gift of making the Word come alive in her LWML Overflowing Abundance Bible StudyA wonderful thing about this is that you will be studying the Word with more than 700 people from around the U.S. You will experience a special fellowship as you see the comments of many of your fellow viewers. Non-Facebook users will be able to download the study a day or two after each Tuesday event at

We are certainly living in challenging times. Yet Christ is still the Lord of all. We are still His church and we can find new and different ways to come together to serve, pray, and be inspired. May He bless you as you remain involved in LWML!

Lucy Leader

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