Dear Lucy Leader … Membership without a Group

Dear Lucy Leader,

I like the LWML organization and would like to become involved in its mission of helping others. My church currently does not have an LWML group and is not interested in starting one right now.

Is there a way for me to become a member?

All Alone Alice

Dear All Alone Alice,

I am thankful that you would like to become involved in LWML. You certainly may become an individual member. Your LWML district president may be contacted for more information. Individual members have the same rights and privileges as members of groups, may serve on committees, and hold elective office at the zone, district, and LWML levels. To find out more about individual membership, go to

Once you complete and submit the Individual Membership Form, your zone president will be contacted and you will be notified of upcoming zone events. I would encourage you to attend zone and district events so you may experience the wonderful blessing of fellowship with your sisters in Christ. The national convention is also a mountaintop experience you don’t want to miss. The next convention will be in Lexington, Kentucky, June 24–27, 2021. You can find more information at  

May God bless your LWML journey!

Lucy Leader

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God's Blessings,
Lois Teinert, Chairman
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