Dear Lucy Leader … Start a LWML Group in Your Church

Dear Lucy Leader,

The church I recently joined has not had an active LWML for years, but I’m trying to revive it. I have two others on board. Any tips for us?


Dear Renee,

It is very exciting that you want to revive LWML in your church and that you have two women who are already on board. Your very first step is to go to the Lord in prayer. He will guide your steps along the way. 

LWML has resources on the website that are very helpful. The “LWML New Group Welcome Packet” ( has information to get you started. Check with your LWML district president to see if your church already has a charter. She can also let you know about zone and district events. She will walk by your side.

Personally invite women to your first meeting. Start that meeting with a Bible study. Don’t conduct too much business. Let the women get to know each other by doing a servant activity together. You can find ideas for service projects here:

LWML has resources to help let women know what LWML is all about. is great in explaining the basics of LWML. 

LWML is a wonderful place for women to come together, to grow closer to the Lord, and to serve others joyfully. May God bless you as you bring the joy of LWML to the women of your new congregation!

Lucy Leader

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God's Blessings,

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