Dear Lucy Leader … The Mentoring Relationship: Being a Mentee

Dear Lucy Leader,

I’ve found a great LWML mentor who is going to give me lots of great ideas, but what do I need to do as her mentee?  

Margaret from Manhattan

Dear Margaret from Manhattan,

First, thank God that He has given you an LWML mentor. Be sure to express your gratitude to your mentor as well. 

Together set boundaries with your mentor. Communicate expectations clearly for both of you. Keep confidential information confidential. Remember that God will be the one causing your growth. Allow God to work through both of you.

You will not want to become a carbon copy of your mentor. Be the person God has created you to be. Do not idolize her or let others idolize her. Always remember to look to Jesus.

Mentoring is not all work and no play. Schedule times for fun together. This is a good way to really get to know each other.

There may be a time when the mentoring relationship grows into an appreciation for each other’s gifts and talents and the mentee is ready to become a mentor for another Lutheran woman in mission. The skills learned from your mentor can be shared with others. Mentoring is a way in which we share our relationship with the Lord to help someone else grow in a personal relationship with Him. It may be time for you to mentor someone using the skills you learned from your mentor.

There is a wealth of information about mentoring at

May God bless you and your mentor as you work together!

Lucy Leader

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