Dear Lucy Leader … Understand the District Treasurer Position

Dear Lucy Leader,

I have been nominated for the position of district treasurer. What resources are available to help me understand this officer position?

Am I a Treasurer Tracy

Dear Am I a Treasurer Tracy,

First of all, let me thank you for your willingness to understand this position. You are considering a very important role, and it is necessary that you recognize how you would be serving God. 

Your best resource is your LWML district website. Find your district bylaws. Those bylaws will specify the duties for the position of district treasurer. It is also helpful to talk with someone in your district who has recently served in that position.

Another source of information for financial officers is the LWML website. Check out and review the documents.

Prayerfully consider whether or not you would enjoy using the financial skills which this position requires. May God bless your deliberation!

Lucy Leader

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God's Blessings,

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