Tips for Leading with Confidence

Dear LWML Leaders,

Could your LWML group benefit from a little change? Sometimes all it takes is a small modification in how we do things to make a big difference and add a fresh feel to your gatherings. This month’s Tip to Lead with Confidence gives ideas that make changes go smoothly.


Explain what is changing and why it is a good idea before making that change. Communication is key! Everyone involved should be contacted and be given notice and an explanation.

Example: “The monthly gathering will be changed to… (a different day or time.) We pray that this change will allow moms with children to attend and still be home before bedtime. This will certainly liven up our time together!

After making the change: Continue to share the what and why every time you communicate for at least six months. Share the information through church bulletins, social media, verbal announcements, flyers, and other group leaders. Has it made a difference? Share your successes.

God's Blessings,

Susan Brunkow, Chairman
Leadership Development Committee

LWML 2017–2019 Leadership Development Committee Members
Deb Vinkemeier
Cheryl Killham
Susan Brunkow, Chairman
Debbie Larson, Vice President of Organizational Resources, Advisory

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