Tips for Leading with Confidence

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The average person speaks at a rate of about 250 words per minute but we can form thoughts at about 2000 words per minute. How can we keep our audience engaged?  A slide presentation to accompany an oral dialogue can help to keep the day dreamers to a minimum. Below are some tips to keep in mind when preparing a slide presentation.

Effective Decision Making

Preparing a slide presentation? Here are some tips to make it more effective.

  • Consider using only one message per slide.  Your audience will have the opportunity to absorb the concept and it prevents the slide from being a distraction.

  • Refrain from using slides that repeat the words of your speech. Visual aids should complement the words you are speaking. 

  • Be aware of your stage presence. Stand to the left of your screen. A person’s tendency after reading a screen is to return their eyes to the left.

  • As with any presentation, stand up straight, keep your arms to your sides except for intentional gestures, look out into your audience and smile.

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Susan Brunkow, Chairman
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