Tips for Leading with Confidence

Dear LWML Leaders,

Welcome back to Tips for Leading with Confidence.

Former Vice President of Organizational Resources Carolyn Blum offers this insight on leadership.

Look for Future Leaders

As a good leader in the LWML, you are involved with the day-to-day activities of your group, you delegate tasks as needed, and review each person’s involvement.

As a better leader, you inspire team members to help develop goals and timelines for the group, encourage them to ask questions, and nurture those who proactively share ideas. You observe how they influence the team, you ask them to volunteer for special projects, and you show appreciation for their opinions and allow them to exercise their leadership skills by working independently.

As the best leader, you actively seek out and mentor those with whom you serve and evaluate who has been blessed with the gifts and talents to lead the group when your term is finished. You visit with them occasionally about what you do in your position and perhaps even ask them to volunteer for a task or two associated with the job. While you may not be able to officially offer them your position, you can share your observations and suggestions with those who make that decision.

As Christian leaders, we thank God for the privilege of praying for and mentoring future servant leaders! More information on mentoring can be found in the Mentoring Resource Kit.

God's Blessings,

Susan Brunkow, Chairman
Leadership Development Committee

LWML 2017–2019 Leadership Development Committee Members
Deb Vinkemeier
Cheryl Killham
Susan Brunkow, Chairman
Debbie Larson, Vice President of Organizational Resources, Advisory

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