Tips for Leading with Confidence

Dear LWML Leaders,

Welcome back to Tips for Leading with Confidence. Today we encourage you to share faith stories. We would love to hear feedback of your group’s results.

Share Commonalities

Build relationships among group members by sharing life story experiences. Below are possible conversation starters:

  • a memory from Sunday School
  • a prayer answered — even better than you desired.
  • an unexpected blessing
  •  a time God’s direction was evident in your work

Hearing stories from both young and experienced generations helps to develop and build spiritual relationships and may lead to meaningful mentoring.

God's Blessings,

Susan Brunkow, Chairman
Leadership Development Committee

LWML 2017–2019 Leadership Development Committee Members
Deb Vinkemeier
Cheryl Killham
Susan Brunkow, Chairman
Debbie Larson, Vice President of Organizational Resources, Advisory

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