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Have you participated in an LWML video conference? Are you considering using video conferencing? Video conference meetings will likely become the new normal for future generations. An obvious benefit is the dramatic reduction of time and monetary costs to the organization and volunteers.

Video Conferencing

Jeremy Barlow, Director of Digital Marketing at BoardEffect gives these basic tips for running a video conference smoothly. 

  • Always test audio equipment and the virtual meeting space at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting.

  • Check the lighting for problems with shadows or reflections from windows.

  • Ask participants to mute their line, rather than put it on hold to avoid hold music from being played during the meeting.

  • Plan a detailed agenda and keep the video conference moving by interspersing long and short agenda items.

  • Keep the meeting interesting.

  • Refrain from checking email or multi-tasking during the conference.

  • If using a video option, dress to keep a professional appearance.

  • Be aware that others can hear and see what you say and do, including unintentional utterances.

The main concerns around video conferencing are related to learning new technical skills and the loss of comradery among members. One LWML district encouraged their members to gather together in small groups to join the video conference. This fostered personal interaction and allowed the most computer savvy individuals to facilitate the technology needs.

Video conferences, like in-person meetings, will always include a few glitches. As leaders, we need to be organized, keep our sense of humor, and model forgiveness when things do not go perfectly. 

Share with us what has made your experience with video conferencing successful.

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