You are online right now and you have decided to utilize the resources of the LWML website. That’s great! I go to this website daily to read uplifting articles, find devotions for myself and my Bible study groups, check for mission opportunities, and so much more. nullI also go online to post and look at my Facebook page, read and respond to email, and look up recipes. The internet is a great resource as we conduct daily tasks.

I must ask myself, however, “Do I spend more time online than I do studying the Bible or in prayer to my Father in heaven?” The answer is not always one that I am willing to admit. As I examine my use of time, I ask the Lord to help me find balance in my life, prioritizing my Savior. God knows we need time for work and to rest, and He’s given us all the same 24 hours each day. I plan, by His grace, to spend a good amount of time online with God!

nullBack to this LWML website I go, where I can find resources to balance my life to the glory of my Lord. A few favorites are Time Management, Balance—Christ Filled Living (this one is available for purchase for $4), and Personal Development. Join me in connecting online with God’s Word, where the power comes directly from the Almighty!

In His service, filled with His joy,