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New Mustard Seeds Devotions

Mustard SeedsWATER OF LIFE MUSTARD SEEDS - Michael Heckmann authored these devotions centered on water--water for thirsty travelers, water in a stormy sea, water and the Word in Holy Baptism. Scripture passages, thought-provoking examples, and prayers remind us that our loving God offers the Water of Life. #40199

Mustard SeedsFROM QUIET TIMES TO NOISY LOVE MUSTARD SEEDS - Written by humorist Jan Struck, who brings laughter and the love of God to others, these devotions remind us that our lives of perpetual motion, busyness, lost car keys, and noisy interference, we are Gods's forgiven children.Mustard Seeds #40218

LOVE, LAUGHTER AND LULLABIES MUSTARD SEEDS - DCE and young mother Amanda Stacy writes of God's blessings through babies. From sonograms and baby monitors to blocks scattered all over the floor, these seeds are ideal devotions for moms (and dads, too) through pregnancy to the toddler stage. #40219

Mustard SeedsDAUGHTERS OF THE KING MUSTARD SEEDS - This set of seeds, written by the Mustard Seed Task Force, tells the stories of women of the Bible from Eve in the beginning, to Rhonda in the New Testament. Because of the unending love of our gracious God, we women of today share in their stories of redemption, forgiveness, and healing. #40217.

The History of Mustard Seeds Devotional Packets

The seed of the mustard plant is among the smallest of seeds, yet from this small seed grows a large bush. Jesus used the analogy of a mustard seed to show how something small and seemingly inconsequential can have a powerful impact.

In 1971 the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) developed a new series of short personal Bible studies called Mustard Seeds. These individual leaflets were designed initially to help women working outside the home share their faith during coffee breaks and lunch hour discussions. Over the years the LWML developed numerous Mustard Seeds packets, all on different topics.

Mustard Seeds packets are used both for personal Bible study and as an evangelism or witness tool. The newest packets in this series include a devotional text, clear Gospel message and include the complete text of quoted scripture. With these additions to a time honored product, the LWML hopes that Mustard Seeds continue to be a strong, vibrant tool for Christian growth and Gospel sharing.

To order Mustard Seeds contact the LWML at 1-800-252-LWML (5965) or order online here.

Ways to use Mustard Seeds

For Me:

  • with my daily devotion
  • with my bedtime prayer
  • to begin a meeting
  • as a Bible study discussion starter
  • on my desk to read at break time
  • with a friend in need
  • while waiting for the computer to boot up
  • with my prayer partner
  • on hold on the telephone
  • in my lunch box
  • as a bookmark
  • while waiting at a stop light, bank or fast food drive-up window

For Others:

  • with tips
  • in returned library books
  • in bills or greeting cards
  • as gift to coworkers
  • on hospital trays
  • as table favors at rallies and luncheons
  • in bags of food donated to food pantry
  • in church library books
  • in spouse’s lunch box or suitcase
  • as gift to nursing homes
  • in public restrooms
  • on a bulletin board or public display area
  • in bulletins for LWML Sunday

Prayer Books

Prayer BooksHeartfelt prayers written by women for women, the LWML series of “Praying Heart” prayer books have proven to be very popular for personal use and as caring gifts and outreach resources. The original, A Woman’s Praying Heart is available in Spanish as well. Two new prayer books were added in 2011. A Seasoned Woman’s Praying Heart by and for women who are further along on life’s journey includes subjects such as expecting a great grandchild, loss of spouse, giving up driving, moving into assisted living, etc. The third book, A Single Woman’s Praying Heart, is by and for the single woman, never married or single again and addresses issues common to such women. These soft-cover, 4”x 5.5” books fit well inside greeting cards or carry easily in a purse. Available from Shop LWML.