Dear Lucy Leader …

Thanking and Engaging Your Pastor


Dear Lucy,

We have a great pastor at our church. Our LWML group wants to support and thank him as well as engage him with our group. What resources are available for something like this?

 Thankful Thelma

Dear Thankful Thelma,


What a blessing it is for you to have a pastor at your church you appreciate and value! The LWML has several

 resources for you. The Pastor Support and Involvement page on the website has a variety of lists to get you started. Towards the bottom of the page, you can find a list of ways to get your pastor involved in the various levels of LWML. Be sure to invite him to your local events so he feels welcome in the LWML.

Pastor Appreciation Month is coming up in October. The page mentioned above also has many ideas to help you support your pastor. Take the time to think about what would be special for him. Prayers and words of encouragement and thankfulness are always appreciated.

May God bless you!

Lucy Leader

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