Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! (Romans 7:24b–25a).

“Stop the world, I want to get off!” Maybe you’ve thought that at some point. Life had gotten so crazy that you wanted everything to just stop. It doesn’t have to be like the times we are in now with a pandemic and protests in order to feel that way. There are times we all go through periods where it is overwhelming, and we need to stop. We need to be delivered. Even St. Paul struggled with this, and surely he wanted to be delivered from all that besieged him. And in his struggle against the sinful flesh, Paul found hope in Christ, the One through whom deliverance comes. Such is our hope as well, now and in all other times when life overwhelms us. And yet, there are many people in our world who are left to deal with the craziness of life on their own because they do not know the Lord. If it is hard for us, how much harder is it for them? Gifts of Love is a program that seeks to ensure that the LWML will be able to move forward well into the future and fulfill its mission of supporting the work of the Gospel around the world. It is a work that points people, whose lives are upside down and in disarray, to Jesus. He is the very Son of God who has come to walk in our shoes and deliver us from this body of death that struggles against sin and feels the weight of its impact. Only in Jesus is there true deliverance, for it is eternal. Won’t you partner with us in this endeavor? Your support can help bring people the comfort they seek, so that together we might boldly and joyfully proclaim, Thanks be to God though Jesus Christ our Lord!