LWML Podcasts: The Task-Filled Life Bible Study

LWML Facebook Live Overflowing Abundance Bible Study Series

In the day of my trouble I call upon you,
for you answer me
(Psalm 86:7).

Life has changed! Before COVID-19 we were engulfed in the busyness of living. When the stay-at-home orders hit, my weekly Bible studies were put on hold. I miss those precious times spent in Bible study with others. To help us focus on Christ, LWML is offering two different free Bible study options: The Task-Filled Life is an audio Bible study through the LWML On The Go Podcast, and Overflowing Abundance is a video Bible study on Facebook.

In The Task-Filled Life, author Jan Brunette states, “We have a God who stretches through time and space, a God who enables us to view Him not only as a God of the past, but also of the here and now. He lives and loves to care for us, supplies our spiritual needs, and provides strength for our multi-faceted, task-filled lives.”

Join Becca Futty as she leads us through this Bible study on the weekly LWML On The Go Podcast. We will explore five common excuses often given when presented with a challenge. Download a free copy of The Task-Filled Life at lwml.org to follow along.

In Overflowing Abundance, we look at the Biblical account of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Author, Donna Pyle (Snow) reminds us “Instead of irritation or anger about thwarted plans, Jesus experiences compassion. He understands His mission is to teach about the kingdom of God, to allow people to glimpse it in Him.”

Donna will be live on Facebook each Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. central time, beginning April 28, 2020. Join us as we look at Matthew 14:13-21. Download a free copy of Overflowing Abundance at lwml.org and join your friends world-wide as we study God’s Word together.

Susan Brunkow