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Golden Opportunity

In the Word

… they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh (Matthew 2:11b).

Of the Word

We've heard the saying, "All that glitters is not gold." For sure, the holiday season has plenty of glitter! There's the glitter of ornaments, ribbons, and lights. There's the glitter of sequined clothes and sparkly jewelry, and the glitter of garlands draped across mantles and doorways.

Only a week or so after Christmas, though, the holiday glitter goes away. It's not gold, after all, and it's a far cry from the treasures laid at the feet of the newborn King by the Magi who had come to worship Him. These God-fearing Gentiles gave their treasures to express reverence and honor. Their gifts were the real thing.

Of exceedingly more value than their treasures, however, was the message the travelers brought back to their home country. They had met the Messiah! They had worshiped and adored Him! They had seen beyond the glitter of the world, beyond the value of their riches, education, and learning, and now they possessed the true treasure of the Gospel. The King of Kings was born!

Walking with my Lord

Lord Jesus, bless me with the gift of knowing the true meaning of Your birth. Amen.

Mustard Seed: The Joy of Christmas. 23/32 Author: Patricia Mitchell. ©2011 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, 801 Seminary Place Ste. L010, St. Louis, MO 63105.

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