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Waiting to board a plane, I heard a deep voice say, "What's LWML?"  Turning, I saw a man  looking at my LWML bag. Time for my "elevator talk." I said, "It stands for Lutheran Women's Missionary League, an organization of mostly volunteers supporting mission work around the world through service and donations." I shared about the widow's mite from the Bible, how mites are used, my favorite grants, and  how we have funded over $100 million for grants.  Reaching the plane door, the man thanked me saying, "God bless you and the LWML." I  replied, "And also with you."

nullAs Lutheran Women in Mission approaches the 75th anniversary, we still communicate in person, through the Lutheran Woman's Quarterly, in newsletters, with cards and phone calls. We also share through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share information about the LWML's 75th Anniversary with others and plan to attend the convention. 

Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you (I Peter 3:15b).




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