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A Missionary? Me?

NEW! A Missionary? Me? presents real-life, non-scripted stories, written by women serving in the mission field. Study how Jesus not only leads, but carries these women through many difficult challenges. 8 sessions.

Each session includes a missionary's reflection about her calling, a reference to a Bible character, and discussion questions designed to create discussion, to offer encouragement, and to encourage a deeper study of God's Word.

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Where Love Abides

An 8-lesson DVD Bible study based on John 15:1–17. Written by Donna Pyle, this study takes an in-depth look at what it means to abide in Jesus, the True Vine, to bear lasting fruit.

Run times for each lesson:
Lesson 1 — 25:35; Lesson 2 — 21:44;
Lesson 3 — 20:52; Lesson 4 — 21:05;
Lesson 5 — 19:52; Lesson 6 — 16:30;
Lesson 7 — 35:46; Lesson 8 — 30:51.

Order #LWML68936 (DVD with electronic workbook PDF) or additional workbooks #LWML68937
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LWML is pleased to debut its first ever Bible study in Russian. Facedown Worship by Donna Pyle is now available in the Russian language. Based on Psalm 95:6–7, it explores who we worship and our dedication to worship of the Triune God in our day-to-day lives. God created every person with a need and desire to worship. Unfortunately, some worship false gods or idols, while others worship money, a lifestyle, or even self.  4 sessions.

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