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For Such a Time as This

Esther went from an orphan to a queen. Joseph went from a slave to being second only to the King in all the land of Egypt. They both had ups and downs in their lives. This is typical of most of our lives as well.  God has a plan for each of us, which eventually unfolds in His time and manner.  His plans and purposes surface at exactly the right time.

Esther and Joseph were just two of many Biblical characters who had things happen in their earlier lives that prepared them for the special purpose God had planned for them. This Bible study looks at Esther’s story, Joseph’s story, and then offers the opportunity to reflect our own personal stories and consider how events in our lives have prepared us for the plan and purpose God has for our lives. 

This three part Bible study with an optional retreat planning guide was written by Miriam Neumann. It looks at Esther’s Story, Joseph’s Story and then at our story.  A leader’s guide is included as well as a bonus coloring page. 

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German, Russian, and Ukrainian Bible Studies


The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) continues to support missions and missionaries in Europe with a series of Bible studies translated into German, Russian, Ukrainian. The Bible studies, written by well-known author Donna Snow, were originally published by the LWML in English. With grants from several districts, and in cooperation with the WORDrus Mission Society, eight multi-session Bible studies are now available to missionaries and individuals as free downloads. The Bible studies have been doctrinally reviewed and are accurate translations that convey Lutheran biblical teaching and doctrine.

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The LWML is excited to offer these materials in German, Russian, and Ukrainian, as well as in English, to those who will benefit from using them in their native languages of heart and soul.

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