LWML Giving -Treasured News

TREASURED NEWS – A Financial Newsletter

The first issue of Treasured News was sent out to all 40 district treasurers in September 2012. This newsletter is my way of keeping in touch with each treasurer, letting her and her district know the total mite offerings, mission projects benefitting from those mite offerings, and also words of encouragement and ideas to help raise the funds to support LWML missions.

We are blessed to read and learn from the stewardship articles written by our LWML Senior Pastoral Counselor Rev. John Heckmann. The “Seven T’s of Stewardship” articles began in January 2013 and are now being followed by the “Principles of Stewardship.”

Also included in the Treasured News are articles about LWML events that create an awareness of our mission grants and ways to encourage their support. Any society, zone, or district that has a unique event or method to support our mission grants is encouraged to send pictures and/or information to treasurer@lwml.org.

Please share this newsletter with your LWML society, zone, and district, as well as your church members. Many women in the pew support our mission grants and this newsletter will let them see their mites in action.

Lois Anderson, Treasurer