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New Sketch

Spiritual Makeover — An infomercial sketch using Scripture and cosmetics to sell a “spiritual makeover” to the viewers. 

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March 2017 null
You might like to use this March icebreaker idea — Getting to know you — Form groups of 4-6 women and discover four (4) things that you all have in common.

Devotion: NEW Important Connections

Bible Study:  Women with Jesus at the Cross and the Tomb

Mission Servant idea: Get a list of missionaries and send a thank you card/gift/email to them for what they are doing to serve our Lord.

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2015–2017 reSOURCEs for Planning Programs

This “grab and go” resource provides two years of thematic monthly meeting plans. You can print as many copies as you need of any of the resources which include icebreakers, devotions (all new), Bible studies (20 new), Mission Servant projects, reference to Mission Grants projects, and a periodic sketch (five new).

FREE as a download: reSOURCEs for Planning Programs


Willing Writers Wanted!

Has God given you the gift to write?
Are you willing to use that gift in service to the Lord through LWML?

Please send your writing to along with your name, address, and phone number.

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