Mission Grant Resources

A different mission from each biennium's grants will be featured each month. For your convenience, a monthly Devotion and Prayer Guide and Story can be downloaded for your use. Share these with your church through newsletters and bulletins. Use them in your society, zone and district to help people see their mites at work. What an honor it is for us to pray and give our mites to the furthering of God's kingdom and His glory!

Descriptions of monthly resources:

Mission Grant Story (available in both Regular and Large Print): Mission Grant stories are a collection of distinct 8.5" x 11" mission grant descriptions for each individual mission grant, each with pictures and a brief story. Mission Grant Stories are offered to encourage mission grant support and participation. Each story may be printed, shared, and distributed. Place on fellowship hall bulletin boards, post in hallways, use for society meetings, create themes for school bulletin boards and in Sunday School displays; use during personal prayer time and devotions. 

Prayer Guide (available in both Regular and Large Print): The Prayer Guide will contain four short prayers. They may be used when placing money in your Mite Box or anytime during the day.

Devotion (available in both Regular and Large Print): These short devotions can be used at meetings and other gatherings and are specific to each monthly mission grant.

Bulletin Byte: may be used for church bulletins or newsletters.

Bulletin Insert: laid out two to a page, to use as half-page handout or inserted into bulletins.


Other Mission Grant Resources:



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