Miracles Happen!

Marilyn presenting the check at Mission Central.

Early in December I had the privilege of presenting the very first check of the 2017–2019 biennium for one of the 22 Mission Grants adopted at the LWML Convention in Albuquerque. That check was for Grant #5, Current Missionary Need, in the amount of $100,000 presented to Ole Missionary Gary Thies and Rev. Brent Smith, co-workers at Mission Central, Mapleton, Iowa.  

Gary Thies sharing with Marilyn the missionaries to receive support.

As Missionary Gary said “Yes, miracles keep on happening at the Lord’s Mission Central!” and that’s exactly how this $100,000 gift is viewed. Ten missionaries, including several women missionaries world-wide, each received $10,000. Every penny of this [miracle] gift is used for the missionaries’ support so they can continue to share the salvation story.  What a joy and privilege it is for the LWML to support these missionaries for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His dear people — especially those who do not yet know His saving grace.

You too can support these missionaries and help make it all happen! Visit LWML’s website to discover the many different ways.



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