Have you ever had one of those days where distractions are constantly pulling for your attention? Distractions constantly pull for my attention, time, emotions, and focus. Those distractions can be as simple as a notification on my phone or an email. Sometimes distractions can even be my own emotions — fear, pain, anxiousness, etc.

When I am distracted by my emotions, I tend to move from a place of peace to a place where I feel overwhelmed. When that happens, I lose my focus. It is then that I am reminded God is in control, not me. Sounds simple, right? While it is simple and true, I still have days where “I just want to do it myself.” Thankfully, God has provided people I love to walk with me through a process of refocusing and remembering He is in control.

If you find yourself distracted, you may find this Bible study helpful: “Focus Lost…Focus Restored.”

Karla Koehler





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