Building the Future Today

The Latino confirmation class of Hope Lutheran Church, Woodburn, Oregon was introduced to the work of the LWML by Oregon District President Carmen Nagel. DP Carmen shared the mission and ministry, and the history of the Mite Box with the youth, along with members of the Hope Ladies Aid LWML Society. These young ladies will be mentored as LWML YOUth in Mission. They will be included in the planning for the District Retreat, and the 2018 District Convention. It is not too early, and never too late, to include the youth of your congregation in your society’s activity. Our youth are our future. They have a lot to offer, to teach, and to learn.

To hold true to our 2015-2017 Primary Focus, let us always be mindful to include our youth, young women, and multicultural sisters in our LWML group activities. Follow the hyperlinks for more information. If you have something new to share, please contact us at





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