The 2023 convention is less than two years away, and preparations must begin now for the selection of Pastoral Counselor nominees for the convention ballot.

The LWML Bylaws state that the nominations for counselor be submitted to the Nominating Committee by October 31, 2021

The Nominating Committee will send the nominees’ names to the LCMS President for review. At the January 2022 LWML Presidents Assembly meeting, six nominees from the names submitted may be selected by plurality vote. The LWML Nominating Committee will then select two names from the six to be on the convention ballot.

LWML Pastoral Counselor Nomination Process — Forms:

Electronic Nomination Form: to be completed by the LWML President of the district nominating the pastor (Form A-2);

Electronic Nominee’s Consent Form: to be completed by the pastor being nominated (Form A-3);

Nominee Biographical Information Document (Word doc): to be completed by the pastor being nominated and uploaded with the above Nominee's Consent Form (Form A-3B);

Electronic Congregational Approval Form: to be completed by an officer of the congregation where the pastor is serving (Form A-4);

Electronic LCMS District President Approval Form: to be completed by the LCMS District President of the district where the pastor is serving (Form A-7).

LWML Pastoral Counselor position requirements and responsibilities:

Letter from the 2021–2023 LWML Nominating Committee regarding Pastoral Counselor nomination process (Form A-1);

Bylaws relating to LWML Pastoral Counselors and their nomination (Form A-5);

Travel Commitment of the LWML Board of Directors (Form A-6).

We encourage you to publicize the opportunity to nominate a pastor in your district, but remember the official nomination must come from an LWML District President.

Thank you for your assistance in submitting Pastoral Counselor names. The counselors are a vital part of our organization. We request your prayers for our Lord’s guidance in this Pastoral Counselor selection process and the election to occur in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2023. 

We also ask that you start to prayerfully consider names for the other offices to be filled at the 2023 convention. Offices to be filled are

  • President
  • Vice President of Organizational Resources
  • Vice President of Special Focus Ministries
  • Treasurer
  • Nominating Committee (5)

We are not yet accepting nominations for the offices listed above. Check back in early 2022 for documents pertaining to the nominations of these offices.

The 2021–2023 Nominating Committee
Kaye Wolff, chairman
Lisa Asmus
Janis McDaniels
Melissa Salomón
Lois Teinert

Contact the Nominations chairman here.


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