Opposites, But the Same in Christ

Introvert/Extrovert. Homebody/Adventurer. Seamstress/Shopper. Yes! We are exact opposites, but we have the same DNA, both physically and spiritually. I take after my father in many ways, but I received my LWML genes from my mother. From a very young age, she “dragged” me to Ladies Aid in Lockett, Texas. The only thing I got out of it at first was snacks and gum from the other ladies’ purses, but, as I grew, I noticed my mother always had her Mite Box. Each member’s journal is made by her every year and at the age of 89 she will present a topic to her small group. She easily shares her quiet, amazing faith. You can always find her Bible opened with several devotion books strewn on her favorite chair. I cannot tell you how many devotion books she has handed out as comfort to hurting people in time of need and she is an amazing prayer warrior. It’s true our personality traits differ, but my mother made sure our DNA is the same in our Risen Savior.

Charm can be deceiving, and beauty fades away, but a woman who honors the Lord deserves to be praised (Proverbs 31:30).

Cheryl Mattil