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Welcome to Meetings, Bylaws, and More sponsored by the LWML Structure Committee!

A new article will appear on this page periodically. Previous ones are archived below under From the Structure Committee.

Some of our relevant LWML publications are available electronically below under Publications. Two of our newer publications are Guidelines for an E-Society and Voting by E-Mail. Enjoy!

You can access the 2013 LWML Bylaws here (PDF, 464KB) or from the Home Page - Who We Are tab - LWML Bylaws.

Introducing Your New 2013-2015 Structure Committee!

Having been appointed in August 2013 to serve for the 2013-2015 biennium, we stand ready and willing to assist your district, zone, or society with bylaw questions. Just ask!

Attention District Structure Committees: Please send us proposed bylaw changes that you anticipate being voted on at your 2014 district LWML convention. We need to approve them before they go to your district board of directors. Please allow us at least three months to work on them before you need them sent back to you.

God bless you as we all work together to keep our bylaws and related resources flexible while maintaining the legal status of the LWML.

You may contact us by sending an email to depor@lwml.org.

Your 2013-2015 Structure Committee,


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