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LAMP Ministry Inc. has ministered for nearly 50 years in northern Canada where many villages are reachable only by aircraft or seasonal roads. Currently, nearly one million Indigenous people live in these isolated areas with about half of them under the age of 14. The most alarming statistic is that over 15 percent of children and youth will actually take their own lives out of despair and hopelessness. When LAMP goes into these communities with VBS, Bible studies, and personal witnessing, these communities will have access to Christian education for faith in Christ. In order to fulfill their mission of sharing the gospel in the next few years, LAMP will need to expand their staff of full-time missionary pilots to four or five. LAMP will need to recruit and train 100 to 200 more volunteer missionaries committed to serve at least five years. This grant will provide the funds to help LAMP reach their goal. 

WHEREAS, there are nearly half a million indigenous children living in the remotest areas of northern Canada who have limited access to biblical education and Gospel proclamation unless LAMP sends volunteer missionaries; and WHEREAS, LAMP Ministry Inc. is committed to recruiting, training, supporting, and sending volunteer missionaries to teach the Scriptures and proclaim the Gospel in remote northern communities (Equipping the Saints, Ephesians 4:12); and
WHEREAS, the sad reality is that unless LAMP goes into these northern communities to hold vacation Bible school, offer Bible studies, and provide one-on-one testimony to the hope they can have through faith in Jesus these indigenous children likely will not have any source of personal, organized, Christian education or witness to the Gospel; therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the delegates gathered at the 2019 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Convention in Mobile, Alabama, vote the sum of $100,000 to help fund God’s Grace for This Generation.

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