Laborers of Love

2017–2019 Mission Grant 14 — $100,000

nullLBW's ministry lovingly reaches out to people who are visually impaired to create a connection to the Word of God and His church. As messengers of the gospel, we walk hand-in-hand with faith that love works.

Lutheran Braille Workers (LBW) has been providing God’s Word to the visually impaired since 1943, utilizing the New International Version of the Bible for the past 25 years. With the use of the English Standard Version (ESV) by the LCMS, LBW desires to offer people with visual disability the opportunity to worship and study with the same translation of the Bible as sighted people of the Church. These funds will assist in the cost of the production of the zinc plates for each Braille Work Center along with producing the ESV Bible in large print.

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