If you use an Advent devotion or Scripture reading plan, consider adding a visual response element this year. Here is a guide for journaling using a template with small spaces for daily reflection as published in the 2020 Fall Lutheran Woman's Quarterly. (A completed template is shown here for inspiration and direction.)

Download the printable template

Advent Devotional Template

Instructions for using this devotional template

In the margins of the devotion book, or on a piece of paper, summarize the devotion or Scripture reading in one or two sentences. (For example, if you read Matthew 1:22–23 you may write: “God fulfilled His promise of a Savior as prophesied in Isaiah.”)

Next, narrow it even further, using fewer words to summarize what it says to you. Write those words inside a space on the template. (Based on the sentence above I may say, “God keeps His promises!”)

Any word pictures or images that come to mind, can be incorporated with, or instead of, words.

As you reflect and respond to each reading, you can look back and review previous responses. What is God revealing on your Advent journey?


These coloring resources can be used for personal, family, and group use, as well as for neighborhood and community events. They are available as free printables for personal and ministry use.

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