LWML 2023 Convention and Whova

screenshot of LWML's Whova app homepage

The LWML Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Whova App will be used for the second time at the 2023 Convention!

The Whova App provides information at your fingertips about convention personalities, exhibitors, and the Wisconsin Center. Attendees are able to connect with other attendees before, during, and after the convention. The Whova App is a great way to joyfully equip attendees to honor God by serving others! In Lexington many Whova App users were able to assist other attendees by answering questions or by helping them find a walking partner.

On March 25, 2023, the LWML 2023 Whova App will be published for all convention attendees who have registered and new registrants will be added weekly so they may access the App. To learn more about the Whova App for the LWML Convention, be sure to check out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at FAQ — Whova. After March 25, 2023, download the Whova App and start connecting!

See you in Milwaukee!

Kathy Pavelock