Preparing Leaders for Tomorrow

LCMS School Ministries


The need for well-trained leaders for our Lutheran schools is already great and increasing. To address the critical shortage of school administrators, the School Leadership Development Program (SLED) has been redesigned to better equip educators with the tools needed to lead Lutheran schools in the 21st century. God’s children are well served and His kingdom is expanded with the help of knowledgeable educators. These grant funds will provide training to equip 30 qualified candidates for placement as administrators in LCMS schools who will directly impact thousands of students, helping them grow as disciples of Christ. 

WHEREAS, Lutheran schools are one of the Synod's premier agencies for Witness, Mercy and Life Together serving 220,000 students, many coming from families who are not connected with Christ through a church home; and
WHEREAS, The Holy Spirit working through the powerful integration of God's word by 21,748 teachers serving in 1,992 Lutheran schools results in the opportunity to change many lives being transformed as 51% of the student body has been identified as Non-Lutheran or unchurched; and
WHEREAS, Lutheran schools connect our congregation with their communities in unparalleled ways, whereby excellent school leadership is critical to the overall quality, effectiveness and sustainability of Lutheran schools; and
WHEREAS, between 2015 and 2020 it is projected that approximately 40 percent (40%) of Lutheran school administrators will retire from service in our schools causing a tremendous void in critical leadership; therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the delegates gathered at the 2019 Lutheran Women's Missionary League Convention in Mobile, Alabama, vote the sum of $80,000 to help fund Preparing Leaders for Tomorrow.


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