LWML: What's Your 80? 1942–2022 — 80 Years of God's Grace

In thanksgiving for 80 years of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, each member, group, zone, or district is encouraged to reflect God’s love by blessing others with 80 of something, remembering events from the last 80 years, or sharing legacy concepts for carrying forth the LWML mission. Below are some ideas to get you started. 

We are planning a montage of your activities at the 2023 LWML Convention in Milwaukee. Be sure to take a picture of your group’s 80. Submit one or two photos and a brief description of "your 80" to no later than December 31, 2022. These photos will be used to construct the montage for display in the Exhibit Hall during Convention.

Personal, Group, Zone, or District 80s:

$80, $800, or even $8000 extra mite donation

80 pairs of socks, mittens, hats, or other clothing items to a preschool

80 bottles of water for a sporting event — add a label “Compliments of LWML”


80 hours visiting shut-ins

80 religious books donated to libraries

80 cans of food to an emergency shelter

Make and Donate:

80 dozen cookies, pies, sandwiches, etc. to first responders or emergency room workers

80 new Chrismons for a Christmas tree

80 Bibles marked for prison ministry

Personal 80:

80 hours of Bible reading for the next year

$8 or $80 extra mite donation

80 days of prayer for a missionary


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