Two Minute Tuesday

Happy birthday to you 
Remember Jesus loves you, 
He made you so special 
Happy birthday to you.

Just about a month ago we celebrated the birth of Our Lord, Jesus. My husband's birthday is today (January 20).  He reminds everyone he was born on Inauguration Day because that way we won't forget his special day and will give him presents. Birthdays are a great reminder of the present God has given to us in His Son.

We all have birthdays and celebrate them in different ways, but there are some who have no one to celebrate or remember their birthdays. The Time is NOW to find the date of the birthday of a sister in Christ in your congregation.  Remember her special day with a card or birthday cupcake and if she is not a member of LWML, invite her to come with you to the next meeting or event. Share the joy you have serving through the LWML and its many opportunities!

Sue Pfeil
Gospel Outreach Committee Chairman

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