Two Minute Tuesday

Years ago I received items in a ziplock plastic bag with the title, “Survival Kit for the New Year.” Inside, messages of hope were attached to small items as reminders to refocus each day. Here’s an adjusted electronic version with reminders for Lutheran Women in Mission in 2016.


Toothpick … Pick the good qualities in everyone, including yourself. 

Rubber band … Be flexible. Things might not go the way you want, but God’s “got this”

Band-Aid … Heal hurt feelings, either yours or someone else's. 

Eraser … Everyone makes mistakes and we learn and grow through them. survi

Candy Kiss … Everyone needs a hug, a compliment, or a smile. Share one of yours! 

Mint … You are worth a mint to your Father in Heaven.

Bubble Gum … Stick with it. God isn’t done with you yet! 

Pencil … List your blessings every day. 

Tea Bag … Take time to relax daily, go over that list of blessings, and share the love of our Lord with those around you.

Carol von Soosten
Public Relations Director

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