Two Minute Tuesday

What’s the power of inviting someone to visit your LWML society … and join your group? It’s powerful!

When I was a newlywed living in a small town, not working outside the home, an elderly neighbor across the street invited me to accompany her to Ladies Aid (LWML). (Our age difference didn’t matter to her!) I attended and joined the group!

We moved and joined another congregation. I was an employed busy wife and mother. Several women often asked me to attend their monthly society meetings. I did.

I felt comfortable and joined the local society. It would not have happened without the encouragement of others. What a blessing LWML has been!

Women in your congregation are “watching.” They may just need to be invited to attend/join your LWML group! Just ask!

Let’s encourage more women to be part of the Word, Missions, Service, and Fellowship that LWML offers!

JoNette Brogaard
Structure Committee Chairman

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