Two Minute Tuesday

Want your pastor to be more involved with LWML? I know members of LWML love their pastors, want to support them and have their support as well. I also know that a pastor’s time is finite, and he has to choose wisely how he uses it. If an organization seems to be running smoothly without him, he may think it best to leave it alone!

Show love and kindness and support to your pastor. Send him notes of encouragement. Find ways to help him in his ministry among you. Invite him to be part of your society. Share some of the projects LWML supports locally and through Mission Grants. And when he does attend a society meeting or function, make sure you let him know how much you appreciate his presence and support. Your contagious joy in sharing Jesus will shine through.

Rev. Michael Mattil
LWML Pastoral Counselor 2007–2011

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