LWQ Fall 2006

Family Foundations

nullAs a kid, I was hooked on TV, especially family reruns. Thing is, the white-picket-fence suburban life of Father Knows Best and the idyllic country setting of The Waltons didn't jibe with this only-child, big-city apartment dweller who was born with concrete under her feet. The grass always seemed greener โ€” in more ways than one โ€” for those onscreen families.

I still love to watch TV โ€” talk shows have now replaced sitcoms โ€” but I've come to recognize that one-size-fits-all doesn't apply to real-life families ... not even remotely.

May the stories of the families in this LWQ be an encouragement to yours.

Nancy Graf Peters

Bible Studies

A Prodigal in the Family PDF
A Prodigal in the Family โ€“ PowerPoint PPT
Giving and Receiving PDF
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