LWQ Fall 2012


And yet I will show you the most excellent way (1 Corinthians 12:31b).

It's the first thing I check out in the daily newspaper. When my Good Housekeeping arrives, I hop there tout de suite. Be it Emily Post, Heloise, or anything labled "Dear [fill in the blank]" — I love advice columns.

Here's my take on it: Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from someone else's experiences, mistakes, and pointers? I'm all for that.

As the articles, devotions, and Bible studies started pouring in for this LWQ, I found myself setting aside the editor's cap and stepping back to soak in the counsel of the stories. Page upon page provided fresh perspective and wake-up calls. Sisterly advice, stemming from "been-there-done-that, you'll-be-okay" convictions, conveyed His healing and presence at work in many lives — lives infused with gratitude, hope, and plain hard work.

This issue reveals the wise ways of women of faith who know deep joy and have experienced unspeakable heartbreak. With the Holy Spirit as their Guide, these sisters continue to walk in their heavenly Father's love, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ so that others may, in turn, come to know a more — a most — excellent way.

Advice taken. Lives changed. To God be the glory. Amen.

Nancy Graf Peters


  3 The Best Day of My Life PDF
  4 PATRICIA MAIN: A Journey of Healing PDF
10 One Task at a Time PDF
12 Happy 70th Birthday, LWML! PDF 1.47 MB
17 Faith Talk Tips PDF

In Every Issue

  1 btw: Time to Awaken PDF
  9 Young Women's Page PDF
14 Grants @ work: His Good Spirit Leads in a More Excellent Way PDF
15 LWML Mission Grants Update PDF
24 Lutheran Women in Action/ Call for news PDF
26 To Ghana and Back: Lois' Mission Journey PDF
27 Shop LWML PDF
28 Gifts of Love PDF
29 President's Page PDF

Bible Studies

16 I Hate to Wait PDF
18 In All Circumstances PDF
20 Tell Me the Story! PDF
20 Tell Me the Story! Leader Notes PDF
22 ¡Cuéntame la Historia! PDF


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