LWQ Spring 2018

Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly

Spring 2018 "Being Family"

2018 Spring Quarterly CoverEditor's Note

I'd like you to meet the Quarterly family. We share a remarkable bond of love and friendship as we serve the Lord with gladness and joy. We carry each other’s burdens, celebrate the blessings He brings into our lives, and pray earnestly and unceasingly for one another. 

What you may not know is that every one of us has lived a year gone by of unspeakable challenges, tears, and loss. Becky and Sharon share their stories with you in this issue.

Through all that has happened in the lives of my Quarterly sisters these past months, we turn to the LORD God to sustain us and carry us. We hold fast to His promises. We love to work for Him — to share His Good News through the pages of this magazine.

Yet we are keenly aware there are relentless forces — the world, self, and the devil — at work daily to discourage and dishearten us, creating seemingly insurmountable road blocks in our way as we walk the LWQ motto: “Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.” 

As I adapt to the transition of living alone, sometimes it seems as if each day I am waiting for the next shoe to drop. An LWML sister-friend who recently lost her husband shared these words: “Even when everything else seems to be crumbling down around us and Satan is throwing everything at us he can, he can't take away the hope we have in Jesus Christ.” 

I know I have asked our readers to pray for the LWQ staff in the past, but may I be so bold to ask you to pray daily for us and in a specific way? 

Please pray for God’s mercy and protection over each one of the Quarterly staff and our families so we may carry out His work, which is our heart’s desire, faithfully and with good courage.

Nancy Graf Peters, Editor-in-Chief


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