Lutheran Woman's Quarterly
Spring 2020 "Vision 20/20"

Editor's Note

What's it like to have perfect 20/20 vision or a perfect vision for 2020? Many years ago, I learned, from our then 7-year-old son, that it’s all a matter of perspective. My husband and three brothers-in-law were standing and talking when the conversation turned to which of them had the most hair (two were already balding). When our son came in, they chose him to decide. This young judge slowly contemplated each head and answered, “Daddy.” Peals of laughter erupted from the adults (since Daddy was one of the balding men). When asked why, he said, “Because Daddy has the most hair in his nose.”

It’s a silly story, I know, but I’m reminded of it often in my walk on this earth: when my eyes do not see what others see, when I work with someone with a different perspective, and when my vision for my future is not what God has planned for me. This “Vision 20/20” issue addresses many perspectives: practical, physical, emotional, and biblical.

We on the LWQ staff pray that God would give us 20/20 vision as we go about His work for us, and we pray that He guides you as you serve Him in His kingdom and share the news of

His love and salvation with eyes that are clear, focused with His 20/20 vision for Vision 20/20.

Sheila Lutz, Editor-in-Chief

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  2   Mollie Hemingway: I Am Not Ashamed
   6   Jehovah-Jireh. The Lord Will Provide
   7   Your Role is Important
   8   I Love to Tell the Story: The Gift of Sight
   9   God’s 20/20 Vision
 10   Bringing Sight and Christ’s Love to South Africa
 13   Head Out On a Lenten Journey 
        BONUS: Lenten Journey Template
 26   2019–2021 LWML Committees and Teams

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Editor's Note
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Bible Studies

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16    Come and See, Go and Tell
        Come and See, Go and Tell — Leader Guide
18    Vengan y Vean, Vayan y Digan
20    Burning Hearts and Opened Eyes
        Burning Hearts and Opened Eyes — Leader Guide
21    Focus Lost ... Focus Restored
        Focus Lost ... Focus Restored — Leader Guide


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